Barcelona Home Kit 2018-19

As of August 2018, Barcelona has won 25 La Liga titles, 30 Copa Del Rey (the highest in the history of the Copa Del Rey), 13 Spanish super cups, 3 Eva cups and 2 Spanish league cups. Internationally, we have won 5 champions league cups, 4 European cup winners’ cups, 3 international city expo cups, 5 European super cups and 3 world club cups. The IFFHS international club, Barcelona in 1997, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015 annual ranking first. On August 13, 2018, the 2018/19 season, in the Spanish super cup Barcelona beat Seville, 2 to 1 in the 13th victory. Nike has announced together with the Spanish champions Barcelona club team 2018-19 new home kit. On May 20, Barcelona will bid farewell to the legendary Andres Iniesta, who will wear his final red and blue shirt in the 2018-19 season. The shirt was inspired by Camp Nou’s strong cohesion in ten regions of the city. Following the club’s world-renowned tradition of red and blue, Barcelona’s new home shirt still features the classic red and blue striped shirt, with 10 red stripes on the front and 10 red stripes on the back evenly distributed on the blue background. They represent Les Corts, ants Montjuc, Sarria-sant Gervasi, La Barceloneta, Sant Marti, Ciutat Vella, Gracia, Horta-Guinardo, Nou Barris and Sant Andrew, respectively¬†Andreu) 10 regions, as a result of Barcelona club closely united in the Nou camp stadium. Jerseys are made of high-performance knitted fabrics that incorporate the latest Vaporknit technology to improve speed through performance and aesthetics. The visible mesh in the chest and back is accurately plotted from the athlete’s heat and sweat data to provide optimal ventilation. The new heat transfer logo is 64 percent lighter than its predecessor and is by far Nike’s most breathable. Wide stripes, narrow stripes, wide and narrow stripes. In the nearly 20 years of cooperation between Barcelona and Nike, apart from the unprecedented use of horizontal stripes in the 15/16 season, most of the changes in the home shirt are studied in the form of stripes.

The last time a similar pinstripe was used on Barcelona Kit¬†was in 2011/12, when it had 11 stripes on the front, one more than the latest model. Of course, the design of the New Jersey has a different meaning. Shorts remove the outer seams, reducing friction and increasing freedom of movement. A woven ribbon appears at the back of the simple collar, in the form of the famous Catalan flag, and a special yarn on the sleeve adds a sense of speed to the overall look of the shirt. Pete Hoppins, Nike’s senior design director for football apparel, said: “Barcelona is something that is absolutely important in people’s lives. Iniesta is an idol and a hero to the people who live here, so I think he is best qualified to wear his new red and blue shirt in his final Barcelona game. As a club with a worldwide reputation and a large number of fans, Barcelona’s New Jersey design has attracted much attention. I believe that no manager would like to see the “criticism” caused by a slight mistake. As mentioned above, the design of red and blue horizontal stripes in the 15/16 season aroused many fans’ doubts at that time. As far as the home shirt is concerned, sticking to the traditional color and design is the best choice.

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